Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Few Updates!

Oh hello me! Welcome back to the blogosphere! Where have you been? :)

I give my word that I will finish my full spiritual autobiography probably by the end of the year. But here are just a few updates about what's been going on in my life and what's coming up!

New Career Path
I am going back to school this fall! I have been accepted into the College of Nursing at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. It's an accelerated program, so in 16 months I'll have my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and then be able to take the licensing exam to become a registered nurse. It's been a long process, and a lot of waiting, but God's direction has been so clear! I'm fully confident and at peace that this is exactly what God is calling me to. When I get a chance, maybe I'll share how God revealed this to me. Or you know you could just ask me in person :)

I just got back from a short term trip to Haiti that I took with members from my life group and others from the Midland and Grand Rapids areas. What a mobilizing and educational experience! Stay tuned for a longer, debrief post! You know once I actually finish processing all my thoughts from the trip :)

Those are the two big things in my life right now! I still can't believe that I'll be moving away from home in under a month. As long as I've wanted to leave my parents' house, I know I'll miss it a lot too. God is faithful though, and I'm so excited for this new chapter!

Thanks for all your prayers! Much love!